How to stay fit and active when on holidays

How to stay fit and active when on holidays


  1. One thing that cruises are often be famous for is people putting on some extra weight without really noticing. Our tip would be to enjoy yourself for sure, but stick to your three meals a day and cut out all the snacks. This is where the hidden calories can really catch up on you. Now with that being said, I am saying to deprive yourself or be contently be watching what you eat, I am more so saying to be mindful of of keeping a balanced diet during your trip aboard. We are all guilty of having a drink or two and diving into all the free snacks that they give you on the table or at the bar. Our recommendation would be to fill up on your three mean meals with decent nutritious and tasty food and try stick to some healthy snacks then if you are still feeling peckish. With many cruises offering buffet style restaurants, you can easily get ahead of yourself as most of our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. If you are being good during the day then make sure to treat yourself to a desert or a couple of glasses of wine during or after your meal. You are on vacation mode after all.


  1. With everything within a stone’s throw away from you, you don’t have to bear that dreaded drive to the gym, so there are no excuses to not exercising! This is a big plus to get you and hopefully keep you motivated. Make sure to stay active even if it is within the small things such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or track your daily steps and make sure to hit at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain your weight and good health. These little things will keep you in good spirit and with a clearer head after a night of partying. Many people come off their holidays when they travel with friends and they often need another holiday just to catch up with themselves after all the intense partying and late nights. Therefore, if you are looking to make this holiday a much more balanced one, make sure to get in at least an hours exercise over the course of the day.


  1. Be smart with your food. Check out if any restaurants have their calories listed alongside the dishes. This can help you to decide for which meal you are going to pick. Many a time I have decided against a burger or something I really fancied, only to find out that the caesar salad was in fact more calorific due to the sauce that accommodated it. It is little things like this that allow you to enjoy yourself without filling defied and sick at the end of what was a lovely holiday.


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